Mostafa Baladi, PhD

Mostafa provides expertise in the theory and application of econometrics and statistics. He delivers solid performance in statistical modeling, financial risk analysis, time series forecasting, survival, and demand analytics. His strength is in developing and implementing successful strategies to manage credit risk. Those involve creating loss forecasting models with high accuracy and building foundations for more profitable business decisions. The collaborator that he is, Mostafa communicates effectively and leads teams to identify problems and develop innovative solutions.

Details about his work speak to creating risk strategies for significant loss mitigation, developing loss forecasting models to increase forecast accuracy, and high and low-risk strategies for retail portfolios-- facilitating fewer losses and higher profitability. He is well-versed in providing expertise, developing loss and sales forecasting models using US macroeconomic data. From a strategic angle, he improves the decision-making of leadership teams by developing robust guiding score models and rejecting inferences. Add to that, his propensity for increasing team efficiency and credit risk management by conducting various analytical studies for approval of risk team models.

Accuracy is important in risk management and he boosts it by, for example, developing successful rate models representing the relation between deposit rates and market rates, often increasing efficiency with 90% plus prediction accuracy.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Master's in Economics/Econometrics both from London School of Economics and Political Science, and Ph.D. in Econometrics from University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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