Emil Koulov

Emil is a Specialist in handling many business challenges— idea validation, growth, scaling, implementation, and problem solving, all for results. He is a MacGyver-skilled leader with Innovation, Strategic and Operational expertise who drives Growth and Innovation, and transforms business initiatives-- the CEO way--designing and executing Special, Custom programs based on Vision, Analytics, and getting to Insights and measurable Results. He is known to handle sophistication with ease, using the sharpest of a business Swiss Army Knife.

Emil fuses many disciplines, carves, and applies dynamic solutions. He "connects the dots" in such a way that illuminates a visible path to action. Besides from Business, he is passionate about Dancing. He simplifies complex business needs to innovative movable parts and advises on how to put them in motion.

Emil is a trusted Advisor to 60+ diverse businesses, including high-growth, fast-paced startups, focusing on Strategic direction for Innovation, Operation, Product Development, Go-to-Market success, Growth Hacking, and Business Plan (re)definition and evolution, to name a few.

Emil chairs the Entrepreneurial Roundtable-- Downtown at The Booth School of Business and advises at mHub, Elmspring Accelerator, 1871 Chicago, the Polsky Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He has worked with businesses (big and small) and talented entrepreneurs to design dynamic concepts, products, and events to tell and teach about Business and Entrepreneurship.

Emil graduated from the Booth School of Business with an MBA in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship (minor in Marketing) and from the University of Evansville Schroeder School of Business with a BSc in Bus Administration, in Marketing and Finance.

Specialties & skills:

Integrated Strategy, Differentiable Innovation, Actionable Insights, Clever Marketing and Selling, Creative Service/Product Design, Transformative Solutions

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