Andreia Martins

Andreia is a Consultant in Residence, focused and committed professional who has distinguished herself on getting the client's objectives and outcomes completed as defined.

With over eighteen years experience in project management, IT, Telecom, E&U, and Manufacturing working both for the public sector and in private Consulting, Andreia has worked in several countries (Brazil and Angola, among others) with some of the formidable companies in Portugal (Logica, Galp, EDP, and the Portuguese Government), and most recently with Alexander Proudfoot, and Deloitte.

She is a member of the ITsmf - IT Service Management Forum.

Andreia holds a Master degree in Marketing at ISCTE Business School and a Degree in Business Administration from the Technical University, in Lisbon, Portugal.

As a person with entrepreneurial spirit, she is very dynamic and always delivers solutions with high strategic sense and operational acumen, going above and beyond the requirements. In short, she is focused and determined on pursuing the goals objectives set, with excellence and mastery.

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