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Emil Koulov

- Progressive thinker, doer, and a strategy empowering professional with eclectic work experience and a top-notch business education.

- Integrator of ideas and synthesizer of actions, for the achievement of desired results.

- Communicator and skilled Interviewer who can connect up and down the chain of command and especially with officers of responsibility, to assist them do their work with greater ease.

- Experienced practitioner rooted in business fundamentals and analytics, which span the enterprise functions and several industries, allowing for a unique and considerate perspective that is objective and free from myopic distortion.

- Meta-technologist with a solid grasp of IT and how it affects operations and customer development; an advocate for and implementer of technology in most transitions, growth, and efficiency undertakings.

- Trainer, coach, and educator who adapts to the requirements of the audience.

- Business developer who relies on a vast and diverse network, establishing meaningful connections and partnering for leverage.

- Leader who is attuned to the voices of team members and clients.

Emil is a creative thinker and a strategy empowering professional with an eclectic work experience and a topnotch business education. Ever since the beginning of his career, Emil has worked with officers of responsibility to assist them do their work better. Most recently he has been working on a venture to enable senior executives to nimbly navigate their specific steps through the market place, while accomplishing their mission. His experience spans the business functions, allowing him to look with a piecing eye at the issues at hand and see the solutions objectively and with ease. He offers constructive suggestions and outlines viable plans of action.
Positioning consumer brands on the market place, he has assessed the effectiveness of their strategic and operational functions by carefully examining the available data, segmenting it, and implementing tactics for quantifiable results, which harvested improved performance of the brands. Working on placing custom risk-management programs with national association members, he developed sales strategies understanding the customer needs and proposed plans on how to provide outstanding customer services to the members, which resulted in very high-percentile penetration and retention. Among his business understanding is a staple grasp on technology and how it relates to its consumers.

At consulting engagements, Emil has physically designed a complex Oracle data warehouse, while intertwining the inflow of data, creation of rule-based processes, and the outflow of decision-ready metrics, to translate into measurable outcomes.

He holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Business Administration with specialties in Marketing and Finance from the University of Evansville, Schroeder School of Business and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Strategic Management and Finance from the University of Chicago, Booth School of Business. 
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